Hill Top is at the very heart of a ‘Dark Skies’ area and you are going to be completely thrilled by our view of the celestial panorama that will be visible here on clear nights. You will be able to see the ‘Milky Way’ which is NOT visible from 77% of the UK, as well as passing satellites and, occasionally, shooting stars! You will view 1,000’s of stars compared with 10’s in light polluted areas. Only 22% of the UK has pristine dark skies.

Finding Out More:

  • www.darkskydiscovery.org.uk

  • www.northpennines.org.uk

    • What you can see in a dark sky e.g. the Moon, shooting stars/meteor showers, constellations, planets and galaxies, Northern Lights

    • Information on our Dark Sky Discovery Sites

    • North Pennines Observatory

  • Third party sites e.g. www.thisisdurham/darkskies

    • Similar information – reaching a different/wider audience

    • Social media channels

    • Especially Facebook – event-based information and time-sensitive

    • #NPennDarkSkies


  • A Multitude of mobile apps are available to help people understand the night sky, including:

    • Sky Safari

    • Google Skymap

    • Meteor Shower Calendar

    • ISS Detector

    • ISS Spotter

    • Aurora Alert